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Can Dogs Eat Blueberries?

POSTED ON 2016.08.24 - 5:45pm BY Amy Lane

Can dogs eat blueberries? A responsible dog owner should always double check before feeding their pets human food! Read More »


How Many Teeth Does An Adult Dog Have? Spoiler: It’s More Than You Think!

POSTED ON 2016.08.24 - 3:52pm BY Rebecca Paredes

Tired of not having answers to your unique doggy questions? Don’t worry — we’ve got you. So, how many teeth does an adult dog have? Click to find out! Read More »


What Does It Mean When A Dog Licks You?

POSTED ON 2016.08.19 - 6:40pm BY Amy Lane

So your dog likes nothing better than to lick you silly when you give them a bit of affection? We have the solution! Read More »


What Do Dogs Dream About? Time To Visit Doggy Dreamland To Find Out!

POSTED ON 2016.08.18 - 8:31pm BY Amy Lane

Yes, dog dreams are a thing! But what do dogs dream about? We dive into doggy dreamland to see what’s going on between those fuzzy ears. Read More »

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Why Can’t Dogs Eat Chocolate? Inquiring Minds Want To Know!

POSTED ON 2016.08.17 - 8:58pm BY Amy Lane

Why can’t dogs eat chocolate? We look at the real reason that your two favorite things shouldn’t be mixed. Read More »


The Cavachon: The Friendliest Dog Breed In The World?

POSTED ON 2016.08.17 - 8:42pm BY Meredith Kavanagh

The Cavachon might be the most outgoing dog we’ve ever seen! Click here to see painfully cute photos and learn about the Cavachon’s loving ways! Read More »


The Classic Cartoon Dogs You Wish You Owned

POSTED ON 2016.08.17 - 7:48pm BY Rebecca Paredes

Nostalgia alert! We compiled a list of the most memorable cartoon dog classics. How many of these do you remember? Read More »

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Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Or Are They Doomed To Never Taste This Picnic Treat?

POSTED ON 2016.08.11 - 4:44pm BY Meredith Kavanagh

Watermelon is a classic summer treat. But can dogs eat watermelon? We did the research so you and your pooch can rest easy at the next BBQ! Read More »


These Dogs Are The Furry Olympians We Never Knew We Needed

POSTED ON 2016.08.10 - 5:32pm BY Amy Lane

Team USA is set to dominate the 2016 Rio Olympics, but these athletic dogs are dominating our hearts. Read More »

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Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers? 3 Facts You Should Know

POSTED ON 2016.08.09 - 9:24pm BY Rebecca Paredes

Dogs have plenty of cute features, but why do dogs have whiskers? We lay out the facts about dog whiskers — and why you shouldn’t trim them! Read More »

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No Time? No Oven? No Grains? We Have The DIY Dog Treat For You!

POSTED ON 2016.08.04 - 5:19pm BY Amy Lane

No time? No problem! Try out these grain-free, no-bake dog treats that take only 30 seconds to make! Read More »


15 Times These Old English Sheepdogs Should Have Broken The Internet

POSTED ON 2016.07.29 - 5:04pm BY Amy Lane

Struggling to make it through the day? Take a break and check out these Old English Sheepdog twins who are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Read More »