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Aw, Nuts! Can Dogs Eat Pistachios?

POSTED ON 2016.07.27 - 5:44pm BY Rebecca Paredes

Can dogs eat pistachios? We always want to give our pups some people food, but make sure they’re snacking safely! Find out if dogs can have pistachios. Read More »


15 Ways "The Secret Life Of Pets" Soothes Every Pet Owner’s Fear

POSTED ON 2016.07.26 - 7:48pm BY Meredith Kavanagh

The summer blockbuster “The Secret Life Of Pets” may be adorable, but it also gives us an idea about what our pets do while we’re gone. Read More »

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Dogs Drinking Excessive Water: When Is It Dangerous?

POSTED ON 2016.07.25 - 10:17pm BY Amy Lane

If your dog can’t seem to quench their thirst, what does it mean? Learn about what could be causing it, and when to take them to the vet. Read More »


12 Water Dog Breeds That Absolutely Love To Swim

POSTED ON 2016.07.22 - 11:28pm BY Rebecca Paredes

A water dog is happy to spend all their time in the pool! Dogs that love water are secretly fishes at heart. Find out all the breeds of swimming dogs! Read More »


The 200 Best Dog Names For Your Precious Snuggle-Butt

POSTED ON 2016.07.20 - 7:31pm BY Meredith Kavanagh

Naming your pup is ruff. (Pun intended.) To help you choose the perfect moniker for your mongrel, we compiled the 200 best dog names! Read More »

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Can Dogs Eat Bananas? Better Make It A Split!

POSTED ON 2016.07.19 - 11:23pm BY Meredith Kavanagh

It's hard to keep track of what our furry pals can and can't eat. Are you wondering, "Can dogs eat bananas?" We're here to answer your questions! Read More »

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Here Are The Questions You Need To Ask If Someone Wants To Adopt Your Puppy

POSTED ON 2016.07.15 - 7:38pm BY Amy Lane

If you have a litter of puppies, your number one priority is to find the best home for them. Here’s how to screen potential adopters. Read More »


Funny Dog Accessories For Almost Every Pup-tastic Personality

POSTED ON 2016.07.15 - 5:03pm BY Amy Lane

Celebrate your pooch's unique personality with these funny dog accessories that are sheer paw-fection. Read More »


Hot Under The Collar? Cool Down Your Dog With These Deliciously Easy Dog Treat Recipes

POSTED ON 2016.07.14 - 6:49pm BY Amy Lane

Cool down your dog with these easy no-bake dog treat recipes that anyone can make! This super cute infographic shows you how! Read More »


Dog Years To Human Years — Breaking The Myth!

POSTED ON 2016.07.12 - 4:20pm BY Meredith Kavanagh

Think you know the age of your beloved Gracie the Goldendoodle? Think again! Find out the true dog years to human years ratio right here! Read More »

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Can Dogs Eat Apples? What You Should Know About Apples For Dogs

POSTED ON 2016.07.12 - 3:21pm BY Rebecca Paredes

Can dogs eat apples? These crunchy treats can be a great way to reward your pup! Here’s the truth about whether an apple a day really keeps the vet away. Read More »


These Cats And Dogs Are #SquadGoals AF

POSTED ON 2016.07.08 - 9:18pm BY Amy Lane

Nobody told these cats and dogs that they were supposed to be fighting! Get ready for those warm and fuzzy feelins’ with these unlikely BFFs. Read More »