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Easiest Dogs (Breeds) to Train

Based on our ratings, the following breeds are the easiest to train (easiest on top). There are no guarantees, however, as each dog is an individual and may differ from the "standard."

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West Highland White Terrier
Although small in size, the West Highland White Terrier is big in confidence and sturdiness. Strong and muscular, it is well balanced with the length of its body slightly shorter than its height. Its dark almond-shaped eyes are set wide... Read more
Wire Fox Terrier
The Wire Fox Terrier is an athletic dog that is sturdy of bone yet quick and athletic. The skull is long, moderately flat and narrow, with forward folding v-shaped ears perched on top. Eyes are dark and circular, with a... Read more
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Bred to cover a wide variety of terrain, the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a dog of medium size, slightly longer than it is tall. The head and muzzle are square, with the top of the head rounded; occiput and stop... Read more
Border Terrier
The Border Terrier is an active dog of long leg and narrow shoulders and body. Its head is often described as otter-like, with a flat and broad skull and small, v-shaped ears that are set well apart. Dark hazel eyes... Read more
German Shorthaired Pointer
The German Shorthaired Pointer, with its athletic physique and smooth lines, conveys the image of a competent and well rounded hunter. The head is clean cut and well developed, with the ears sitting high and lying flat against the dog’s... Read more
Chesapeake Bay Retriever
The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a hardy and resilient breed designed to retrieve waterfowl from cold waters, sometimes even breaking ice to do so, and the features of the dog reflect this purpose. The skull is round and broad with... Read more
The Rottweiler is a medium large breed with powerful features and an impressive appearance. The dog’s coat is black with tan or brown markings, and is dense, straight, coarse and of medium length. The head is broad, round and of... Read more
The Affenpinscher is a small, terrier-like dog famous for its monkey-like expression. The skull is domed with a short muzzle and an undershot or level bite. The small ears are small and stand erect when cropped - erect, semi-erect or... Read more
Airedale Terrier
Among the largest of the terriers, the Airedale has a long flat head and a very wiry and hard coat. The head gives the animal the terrier look, with sharp keen eyes and a beard reminiscent of a Scotty. The... Read more
Large, powerful and heavy of bone, the Akita is a classic working spitz. The head is large and smooth with powerful jaws and muzzle, and a distinct stop. Ears and eyes are small and triangular; ears stand erect, and eyes... Read more
Australian Terrier
The Australian Terrier is a small, medium-boned dog that is significantly longer than it is tall. The breed’s coat is tan, sandy, blue or red and has a very rough texture. The Australian Terrier has a long head with a... Read more
Bedlington Terrier
The Bedlington Terrier is a graceful medium-sized dog of good proportion. The head is well-rounded yet narrow, with a short skull and long jaw. On top of the head is a thick topknot which is lighter in shade than the... Read more
Black Russian Terrier
Large and powerful, the Black Russian Terrier is known for its courage and strength. Its blocky head is basically two parallel planes made of the skull and the muzzle, giving an impression of strength. The small, triangular ears and set... Read more
Boston Terrier
Small and stately, the Boston Terrier has a number of features that add to its rather unique appearance. The skull is square with a pronounced stop, and is topped by erect, bat-like ears. The eyes are large, dark and round,... Read more
The Boxer is a powerful, squarely built dog of medium size, easily recognized by its distinct muzzle and face. The head is clean, with a noticeable stop and wrinkles on the forehead and the sides of the muzzle. Ears are... Read more
Brussels Griffon
The Brussels Griffon is a short, thick Toy breed. Prominent black eyes are set far apart, large and wide, with what has been described as almost a humanlike expression of intelligence and energy. The high-set ears are small and high... Read more
Chinese Crested Dog
The Chinese Crested Dog is a delicate, chic and nimble breed that comes in two distinct varieties (often dogs of each variety are part of one litter): the Hairless, which has hair only on its head, feet, and tail and... Read more
Clumber Spaniel
A long, low, substantial dog, the Clumber Spaniel’s heavy brow, deep chest, straight forequarters, powerful hindquarters, massive bone, and large feet combine to give it the power and endurance to move through dense underbrush in pursuit of game. Soft to... Read more
Curly-Coated Retriever
The oldest of the retrieving breeds, the Curly-Coated Retriever is also the most graceful and longest of leg. Its distinct head is clean cut and wedge shaped with a shallow stop, topped with small, close lying ears. Eyes are large... Read more
The Dalmatian is a strong, symmetrical, athletic dog with a distinguished spotting pattern. The body is square, strong, and sturdy, and the skin and coat are tight on the body. The head carries an alert and intelligent look with moderately... Read more
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